Probabilistic Approach to Assessing Macroeconomic Uncertainties


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Inflation uncertainty for Canada

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Inflation Uncertainty for Canada

Data for all graphs and tables can be downloaded here


1. Figure 1. Minimum distance characteristics of fitted TPN and WSN distributions to U-uncertainties


WSN fits better than TPN, especially for short and medium horizons.


2. Figure 2. Term structure of the compound strength of forecast-induced monetary policy


The compound strength is computed as: Strength=|alpha|cdot D_m+|beta|cdot D_k, where D_a=int_{|a|}^infty t^2varphi(t)dt=1-Phi(|a|)+|a|varphi(a). In the policy-input symmetric case, where m=-k (and this is the assumption applied for empirical estimation), the multipliers D_a can be ignored.


3. Table 1. Forecast uncertainty measures


4. Figure 3. Ex-post and ex-ante inflation fan charts

canada_ep canada_ea
          Ex-post uncertainty           Ex-ante uncertainty

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