Probabilistic Approach to Assessing Macroeconomic Uncertainties


ESRC/ORA Project

Invited Presentations

* Inflation Fan Charts, Inflation Targeting and Skew Normal Distributions, Carlos Diaz, Presentation at XXXVIII Symposium of the Spanish Economic Association (SAEe 2013), Santander, Spain, 12-14 December 2013.

* Inflation Fan Chart, Monetary Policy and Skew Normal Distributions, Wojciech Charemza, Carlos Diaz, Svetlana Makarova, Seminar at the National Bank of Poland, Poland, September, 2013

* Publish or Perish: Academic publications strategies, Wojciech Charemza, Invited (staff) lecture at the University of Warsaw, Poland, 2012.

* Panellist at the European Financial Congress, Wojciech Charemza, Sopot, Poland, 2012.

* Macroeconomic applications of skewed tempered stable distributions, Wojciech Charemza, Svetlana Makarova and Piotr Jelonek, 4th CSDA International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE'10), University of London, UK, 2010.

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